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Marcum's approach is customized to fit your human resources (HR) needs.

We spend time up front learning about your organization and consulting with you in order to develop a clear picture of your current HR needs and desired level of support. We then work with you to tailor our services to suit your organization's needs and culture.

Our extensive HR expertise can empower your organization to run more efficiently and effectively. Whether you need interim support to get through a challenge, or a longer-term partnership for continuous full-service HR support, our experienced team of HR professionals will work with you to structure the right level of service.

We free up your time and resources so that you can focus on what is most important -- your organization's mission. Marcum's HR Consulting team can provide you with quick access to substantive knowledge, expertise and best practices in the field of human resources. Our goal is to offer your employees the expert HR support, infrastructure and programs that they need to be productive and successful.

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Human Resources Consulting

Marcum is here to support your organization's efforts and your most valuable resource: your employees.

Our HR Consulting team can help your organization stay focused on your mission with the confidence that you are complying with employment laws and that your policies and procedures meet the needs of your management and staff.

Our Human Resources Consulting services include:

  • HR audits and assessments.
  • Compliance support and assistance with employment laws and regulations.
  • Employee relations, including terminations and investigations.
  • Performance management and evaluations.
  • Policies, procedures and employee handbooks.
  • Other special projects.

Human Resources Consulting

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Managed Human Resources Services

Managed Human Resources Services

When you need to hand off your human resources function – short- or long-term – Marcum's HR professionals can step in as part of your team.

Our experienced staff can serve as your HR department, managing hiring and terminations, payroll and employee benefits, performance reviews and more. Not every organization requires full-time HR support, and some organizations' needs are temporary. With Marcum's Managed HR Services, your organization gets just the right level of support.

Marcum's Managed HR Services include:

  • New hire orientations.
  • Employee exits and terminations.
  • Payroll management.
  • Employee benefit plan management.
  • Interim HR services and support​.

Employee Benefits Management

Spending too much time managing your employee benefits? Not sure you're offering the best package or getting the best deal? We can help.

Employee benefits costs continue to increase and more organizations are faced with the challenge of offering a comprehensive benefits package at an affordable cost to both the organization and employees.

Marcum will evaluate your current employee benefits package and suggest improvements or enhancements while working with your broker and vendors to reduce your overall costs.

We will assist with day-to-day management of your benefit plans by enrolling or terminating employees, reviewing benefit invoices for accuracy and preparing total compensation statements for your employees to illustrate the full value of the compensation package that you provide. This can be an essential tool for employee recruitment and retention.


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